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Testimonial about olive oil Gentili




Consumer Testimonials
Here are our Customers' testimonials about olive oil Gentili
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Testimonial about olive oil Gentili


Ellen Brazer ( Author Clouds Across the Sun - Hearts of Fire )
I want to give a review for Gentili Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As a consumer we go to the grocery store and we think we are getting what the label promises. But in our hearts and in our pocket books we know that is not the case. On NPR the other day I listened to an entire show about how we are being mislead as to what is and what isn't really Virgin Olive Oil. Just tasting your olive oil, and seeing the lush green color that is reminiscent of olives made me smile. It is fragrant and delicious. If I am going to use a healthy oil in my cooking, and I use only olive oil, then I want it to be of the very best quality. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this fabulous product.


Chef Juan Palerm Miami
Your olive oil is delicious!! Fruity and with just the right acid balance.
I truly enjoyed it, and, when I begin to have catering events,
I will be ordering your olive oil. I compared it with a different oil and it was much better. I will spread the word to every chef and every friend I know. Thank you


Lisa from Miami Beach
Best From Italy's Imported Extra Vergine Olive Oil takes me back to my childhood in ROME!


Tony Speciale Miami Beach
This oil is amazing: I am Italian and I appreciate only very good extra virgin oil and this is so good that we will start using it for our restaurant, Yes Pasta!


Dawn from Miami Beach Florida
"I wanted to tell you that I did try your Olive Oil last night and I loved it!"

Hana Dolgin (Hydration Consultant Kangen Water) from Miami Beach Florida
"I tasted your olive oil and it tastes peppery! It is the first time I have tasted olive oil with that flavor, so it is definitely special!"


Carrie from Miami Beach Florida
Thank you for the olive oil. I have tried it in my omelets. It is truly delightful: !!!


Josette Wys-Katz Miami Beach, FL
Your olive oil is so pure and fresh, it makes my salads taste a thousand times better. Thank you for importing this magic golden liquid from Italy.


Andy Miami Beach
I LOVE THE OLIVE OIL - its almost finished. I use it when I make my world famous salad dressing.
Where can I get more?


Dilip Pathak Segway Experience at South Beach
An olive oil of superb quality. So far the best product in it's class that I have tried. An absolute must for anyone that understand quality!


Anaide Govaert (President Friends of French Culture)
"Yes indeed your olive oil is exceptional.
I just love dipping bread into a mixture of this oil and crushed fresh garlic and salt. Divine !!! Thank you"


Marisa Mion Chisena Miami FL
Excellent olive oil, great looking bottle and handy pouring spot... great combination!


Robert from Miami Beach Florida
Thanks, the oil was very good.


Howard from Miami Beach Florida
Just a quick note to report that the olive oil is delicious!


Judith from Miami
I tried your olive oil and it is truly the best!
You will really sell a lot of it.

Thanks everybody !!!
Marco Zanna Best from Italy
Best for You!

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