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Capers and Fruits Of Caper

Capers Zuccato

Capers in salt

Capers in salt (which are always the floral buttons of “Capparis Spinosal”) collected, washed, salted and put into plastic containers for food.
This is a product dedicated to food.
They can be used after washing with salt.
Ingredients: capers, salt.

Fruit of capers Zuccato

Fruits of caper

The fruits of caper are prized as delicious vegetables, prized in any international cuisine: from salads and appetizers, cheeses or pates, any preferred sauce such as a pasta sauce, or as an accompaniment to cocktails as a substitute for olives or onions.
Ingredients: Fresh caper, Water, Vinegar, Salt, antioxidants: Ac.Citrico, Ac. L-Ascorbic Acid, Sulfur Dioxide.

$ 5.99

$ 7.99

Capers Zuccato
Fruits of caper Zuccato
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