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Olives Black Pitted

Pitted black olives in extra virgin olive oil

These black olives are natural, i.e. without any treatment to obtain the typical color. They are small in size and have a soft structure. They have a natural Mediterranean flavour that can be used with most delicate recipes. It is able to give a unique flavour that is very appreciated. Their use is varies from toppings on pizzas, bruschetta, salads and sandwiches. With the addition of tomato sauce it is ready to be served with any traditional Italian cuisine.
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Salt, Garlic, Basil, Parsley, acidity: Ac.lattico.


Cerignola Olives



These olives are grown in Cerignola. Their size and fragrance, and taste are very good. These specialties are well known to its admirers.

Olive Belle Di Cerignola

$ 5.99

olives black pitted

$ 11.99

Cerignola olives

Stuffed Green olives

The olives that are ‘stuffed’ are green olives stuffed with red pepper.

Olives Green Stuffed pepper
Stuffed Green olives Zuccato

$ 7.99

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