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White Truffle Oil

Principe Pignatelli



White truffle oil Principe Pignatelli is obtained by soaking the precious Alto Molise area White Truffle in low acidity Principe Pignatelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil from “Gentile di Larino” variety and contains no additives.
It has a strong taste and a pleasant flavor, recommended for all kinds of food.
A few drops of the white truffle oil will give the final touch of class to an unforgettable dish.

100 ml 3,3 FL OZ $ 22.99

250 ml 8,5 FL OZ $ 41.99

Over $50 Free Delivery Miami Area Call for Special Coupon 305-985-8785

White truffle oil is an excellent ingredient of the "primi piatti", particularly with risotto with mushroom, pasta and fish dishes or just pour a few drops on a simple salad.

What is a truffle?
A truffle is a fungus that grows 3-12 inches below the ground at the base of certain trees and can only be located by pigs or dogs. Of the nearly 70 known varieties, the most desirable are black truffles and white truffles wich is the most expensive (from Piemonte and Molise area).
Molise, where Prince Pignatelli truffle olive oil comes from , is an Italian region famous for the production of the black and white truffle.

How to Purchase Truffle Infused Olive Oil
Nearly all commercial truffle oil is engineered by injecting olive oil with a synthetic chemical.
In the case of white truffle oil, the gas 2,4-dithiapentane is responsible for the beguiling fragrance.
Prince Pignatelli's truffle oil use real white truffle and natural flavour of white truffle, all natural
the Best truffle oil that you can find in the market.

White Truffle oil
White Truffle Oil Principe Pignatelli
White truffle oil Principe Pignatelli
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