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Gnocchi with mushrooms and white truffle sauce: an easy and delicious recipe for any ocassion.

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Check this easy and tasty pasta recipe idea. Perfect for mushroom lovers, this pasta recipe is a lifesaver when it comes to making weeknight dinners.

Ingredients - 4 servings

truffle cream and gnocchi

Preparation : 25 minutes.

Step 1: Wash and slice the mushrooms the same thickness. Cook Portabella mushrooms in a pan with Multivarietale Puglia EVOO BFI and season with some salt.

Portabella mushrooms

Step 2: Put water to a boil, then add some salt, the gnocchi and cook (about 3 min approx.), pasta rises to the surface when ready.


Step 3: Add 3-4 tbsp. of Crema al Tartufo Bianco Natura & Sapori (white truffle sauce) to mushroom in the pan and mix all together.

sauteed mushhrooms and truffle cream

Step 4: Drain the gnocchi and add to mushroom, mix until thoroughly seasoned. Put the gnocchi in a plate.

gnocchi and mushroom sauce

Step 5: Add grated Parmigiano Reggiano (the real kind!) on top a final touch of black pepper, if you like it.

add parmigiano reggiano to pasta

At this point all you need is a glass of wine for perfect pairing and Buon Appetito!

buon appetito


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