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Balsamic Vinegar Midolini




Midolini the world's largest balsameria

The world's largest Balsameria,
listed as such in the Guiness Book of Records.

Asperum Midolini
Asperum IV Midolini

Balsamic Vinegar Asperum

Asperum, in orange packaging, is available in 50ml bottles, with wooden base and self-dosing top.
Aged for 30 years it is the result of a slow refinement of cooked grape must left to mature over a long period giving an excellent density and a wonderfularomatic bouquet. Just one drop is enough to exalt any dish; from ice-cream to strawberries, sublime with chocolate and following the new trend with international dishes like Sushi and Sashimi.

Asperum IV

in green packaging. Aged for 12-15 years in barrels made of 7 differentwoods, its excellent consistency and sweet-sour flavour is ideal to use on cold dishes like salad or over parmesan, or in cooked dishes like macaroni cheese, wonderful with asparagus risotto, and fantastic with grilled meat and fish.
Why not try it over avocado….it’s wonderful!

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